As an apparel distributor of some of the most gorgeous designer Scandinavian brands, as well as some other beautiful and high quality clothing brands from Europe and the USA, we have the unique opportunity to offer you samples at a fraction of the retail price. 

The only downside, if there could possibly be any, is that samples mean that they come in the one size only and there is just one of them per colour.  Generally, the brands that we partner with sample in an Australian size 10-12, but we will detail for you the fit and cut so you can make the best informed decision.

Many of these items may not have the correct care labelling sewn into the garment, however, we will provide all the necessary details to ensure that your designer item will stand the test of time and will be the best investment to your wardrobe.

Some of these samples will not have even been purchased to retail in our Australian and New Zealand brand partners, so if you get in quick, you will be the one and only to purchase these luxury items right here in Australia.  Nothing like standing out from the crowd!